About Our Team

Sandy Cobos

“I work at Justine Spitalny Elementary School in the Cartwright School District. I have taught 2nd grade for 9 years, but now I am very excited to be teaching kindergarten. I serve on my local’s executive team as a Member-at-Large where I also chair our Student Scholarship Program for the Cartwright Education Association.

Why I became a member and involved with eSWAG, was a no brainer for me. I grew up in a family of educators at all levels of the field. I also grew up in a very strong “union” oriented family. I was told and have learned that they go hand in hand. I became actively involved by tagging along with my sister to AEA events which has given me a long resume full of experiences and opportunities that have made such a difference in my personal and professional life. Being a member has also introduced me to eSWAG. After experiencing and networking with so many great education leaders around the state and country, I felt I had to do my part by sharing and making sure all our new educators either in our profession or coming into our profession are aware of these same opportunities to help enhance their professional experiences.”



Alex Ettling

“I teach 7th grade science at Desert Mountain School in Deer Valley Unified School District and I love it. I joined eSWAG in my first year of teaching, and they are the reason i joined the union at all. eSWAG provided me with a community of professionals who were more my age, and cared about teaching at their core, just like I did. Now I work with eSWAG to provide other millennials with the same feeling of belonging.”




Kelly Trujillo

“I am a kindergarten teacher at Carminati Elementary in Tempe, AZ.  I am currently the Co-President of Tempe Elementary Education Association. I became a member of the association because I felt it was important as I began my professional career.  At first I wasn’t very involved but then someone invited me to a meeting and I was hooked. I became involved in all levels of the association so I could have a voice.  Being a part of eSWAG has allowed me to help engage our younger members and help them find their voice early in their careers, instead of waiting until later like myself.”



Eboney McKinney

“I’m a 5th grade teacher at Village Meadows Elementary in Sierra Vista, AZ. I am currently working on a MEd in Curriculum and Instruction: Autism Spectrum Disorder at Arizona State! Go Devils! I am the current President of the Sierra Vista Classroom Teachers Association. I’m an active member of my local because another young teacher invited me to a meeting. I saw a wealth of opportunity to take an active role in moving our local forward. I joined eSWAG because I loved the idea of a younger teachers being involved in the association but in our own way.”





Allison Orton

“I’m a 2nd grade teacher with the Miami Unified School District, which is located about 80 miles east of Phoenix. I’m also currently a Co-President of the Miami Area Education Association. I became a member of my local organization, AEA, and NEA so that I could have a voice in my district and for the networking and professional development opportunities that the organization provides. I became involved in eSWAG to support new teachers and to encourage other young educators to become involved in the organization. Being involved in eSWAG has allowed me to meet and work with other young teachers from across the state.”



Elizabeth Leivas

Hello! I teach 6th grade math at Fees College Preparatory Middle school in the Tempe Elementary School District.  For my local I serve as Co-President and work with an awesome executive board team to help TEEA move forward.  In eSWAG I serve as a web coordinator and enjoy representing eSWAG at New Teacher luncheons or any other events we are invited to attend.  I joined my professional organization because I was asked if I cared about my students.  The answer was absolutely yes, over the years of being an active member I have had the opportunity to meet the most passionate group of educators.  Not only do they teach their heart out everyday, they go beyond to help create positive changes for their students.





Eden Lewkowitz

“I am a 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Magnet Traditional School in the Phoenix Elementary School District #1.  I also serve my district and its teachers as our local Vice President.  When I heard that AEA was willing to take action and engage those new and young teachers who otherwise felt disconnected from their state association, I knew I had to be involved because I had often felt like one of those teachers.  Through our actions and efforts, along with our partners inside and outside our association, we have been able to energize teachers of all ages in this state.  I am proud to have served as this committee’s first Chair and look forward to supporting eSWAG in my capacity as Past-Chair.”





Karla Meinen

“I am a Special Education teacher at Tempe High School, my alma mater. Currently, I co-teach with both a Biology and an Algebra teacher. I have the pleasure of collaborating individually with both of these colleagues on how to best serve all students in our classroom by differentiating instruction, class material and assessments. While in college, I worked as support staff at Tempe High School and saw the strong, equitable influence that members on public education and I wanted to be a part of that. I am new to eSWAG and that is because I was impressed to see the groups enthusiasm and approach to support incoming teachers.”





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Our projects are driven by us, the members of eSWAG!  There is not a guide book to what we do, only the drive to reach out to others and improve.  Please tell us if your local has a need, we would love to help.


We teach technology.  Our students not only need to be literate but also computer literate.  Attend one of our trainings on how to be effective and efficient with technology.


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